Andrej Holm

Interview mit Andrej Holm: Can #gentrification ‘travel’? Next stop Leipzig, later Warsaw?

Berlin-Warszawa artpress: “NO DISTRICT SAFE ENOUGH.
Dr Andrej Holm, in interview by Dorota Groyecka:

DG: So that was the process within Berlin’s borders. Do you think gentrification can ‘travel’? Do people moving to other cities or countries take it to a ‘new front’? Could you relate somehow gentrification in Berlin and, say, Leipzig?
AH: Not enough Berliners have moved to Leipzig to exert real impact on stirring up the process there. Many young people from West Germany, however, look for flats in Berlin. Perhaps Leipzig will be their next stop, and Warsaw the next one yet? The general pattern of mobility is as follows: young unemployed people seek cities with the right balance of cultural offer, mix of subcultures and favourable housing market. Berlin is beginning to lose in this game, and some people prefer to look for a different place to live.
However, over a period of the last several years, very many people kept arriving to Berlin from Italy, Spain but also from Eastern Europe, including Poland. They were tempted by the entertainment on offer and the multi-ethnic society. There are still plenty of reasons to settle in Berlin, only it is no longer easy to rent a flat at a reasonable price. … .” Quelle: Berlin/Warsaw: Interview on “Gentrification Mainstream in Berlin: No district safe enough”