Germany’s potential burqa ban has a problem: Where are the burqas?

Schland: #Burkaverbot – absurde #Symbolpolitik. Rund 300 Frauen tragen Niqab, kein einziger Beleg für eine Burka

Washington Post: “… Islamic experts told him they doubt there are any burqas in Germany. Even the staff from Afghan Embassy told him they’ve never seen one. Prominent anti-burqa campaigners seemed unable to help him either; some wouldn’t even talk to him. After all his research, Köhler came to the conclusion that there might be around 300 wearers of the niqab in Germany. He has found no evidence of anyone wearing a burqa in Germany. It’s estimated that there are more than 4.7 million Muslims in Germany. If it’s true that only a few hundred wear the burqa or the niqab, they represent a tiny fraction of that population: Around 0.01 percent. … .” Quelle: Many seem confused about what a burqa is, for one thing.