New Europe – Cities in Transition

#OpenData and #SmartCities – How is the increasingly easier access to data influencing the daily lives of city inhabitants?

Today’s society distinguishes itself from past decades because of its uncertain future: will there be enough available drinking water in fifty years? Are we exhausting our natural resources? In order to tackle these issues, City Makers come up with resourceful solutions like creating circular economies and community building projects. However, the domain of open data as a solution to city problems is still often overlooked. Quelle: AMSTERDAM | This weeks topic: Open Data.

The availability of data is a delicate topic because people are afraid of what can happen with their personal information. Opening up data can, however, be a powerful tool because it makes us knowledgeable about the daily lives of city inhabitants and the impact they have on their surroundings. Open data can give us detailed information on topics like air pollution, food distribution and environmental impact, and these are only a few of the examples of how the availability of data can be helpful. Read more about open data below.