‘Sanctuary Cities’ Just the Start of Mayors’ Opposition to Trump

USA: #SanctuaryCities. Just the Start of Mayors’ Opposition to #Trump

Governing: “The president’s war on progressive policies presents a dilemma for almost every big-city mayor in America. But attacking urban areas also carries big risks for the president.

… Politically, Trump and leaders in the nation’s major metropolitan areas inhabit separate worlds. That sets up a dynamic that’s likely to be more combative than collaborative. In contrast to their weakness at the state and federal levels, Democrats dominate cities, especially large ones. Democratic mayors — most of them quite liberal — control city halls in 22 of America’s 25 largest cities. As the only remaining stronghold of progressive political power in the country, they will be called upon by left-leaning interest groups to pursue policies that are now complete nonstarters in Washington and most state capitols. … .