Walrus & the Bear | Right to Rent

Berlin-#Kreuzberg: Right to Rent. #Gentrifizierung. @Walrrrus @4000hertz über den Konflikt bei #FilouBleibt (30 min)

Viertausendhertz: “A bakery in Berlin is being evicted, a story not uncommon for a big global capital. Though the bakery put up a fight about it and its wake the situation gets way out of hand. An episode on changing neighborhoods and foreign investors.

Thanks to co-hosts Ysanne Choksey and Christian Conradi. Contributions by Konstantin Sergio, Claire d’Orsay (Vertikal Restaurant & Bar), Daniel Spülbeck (Cafe Filou), Joel Dullroy and Hans Christian Ströbele.”

Filou bleibt

Right to Rent