Red State, Blue City

USA: Red State, Blue City. #BigSort. U.S. is coming to resemble 2 countries, rural and urban. What happens when they go to war?

The Atlantic: “… The trend also reflects a broader shift: Americans are in the midst of what’s been called “the Big Sort,” as they flock together with people who share similar socioeconomic profiles and politics. In general, that means rural areas are becoming more conservative, and cities more liberal. Even the reddest states contain liberal cities. … Increasingly, the most important political and cultural divisions are not between red and blue states but between red states and the blue cities within. …

An important lesson of last year’s presidential election is that American political norms are much weaker than they had appeared, allowing a scandal-plagued, unpopular candidate to triumph—in part because voters outside of cities objected to the pace of cultural change. Another lesson is that the United States is coming to resemble two separate countries, one rural and one urban. Only one of them, at present, appears entitled to self-determination.”

Und derweil in Sachsen, Deutschland, Europa?