In Berlin, a Grass-Roots Fight Against Gentrification as Rents Soar

Berlin-#Kreuzberg: @charlywilder for @nytimes: “A Grass-Roots Fight Against #Gentrification as Rents Soar”. #Gentrifizierung

The New York Times: “… “Massive crowding is happening to the extent that a lot of people can’t pay their rent, or they are having their leases canceled for the slightest triviality,” said Sara Walther, one of the organizers, stubbing out a rolled cigarette. “People are finally starting to defend themselves.”
Over the past decade, people have poured into Berlin, attracted by its relative affordability, cultural wealth and anything-goes spirit. But now the city is trying to regulate what has elsewhere proved to be unstoppable: gentrification.
Under pressure from a growing grass-roots movement, the city authorities have put into effect a slate of measures, including rent caps, a partial ban on vacation rentals, development-free zones and increased social housing subsidies. The goal is to bridle the bullish housing market and conserve the diverse social and cultural makeup of the city center. …

“But then it’s very probable the landlord will try to kick out the tenants and sell the condos for lots of money,” Ms. [Wiebke] Werner [(Berliner Mieterverein)] said. “We think the transition from rental to condos should be forbidden totally.” … .”