The urban anxieties of Richard Florida

USA: Grassroots revitalization is an antidote to “winner take all urbanism” described by @Richard_Florida. @cnupublicsquare

Philip Langdon in Public Square: A CNU Journal: “The urban anxieties of Richard Florida
Grass-roots revitalization is taking place in many American cities, an antidote to the “winner takes all urbanism” described in The #NewUrbanCrisis. …

I’m not saying that Florida’s ideas are wrong. But I think that in addition to pursuing national policies, we have to devote an equivalent volume of energy to encouraging local communities to cultivate their own skills, generating jobs and income by harnessing the potential of their residents. Maybe some communities are too disorganized or dispirited to do this. But surely some locales can follow Anderson’s prescription.

Think small. Think local. Look for opportunities close by. Don’t wait for a distant savior. He may not show up, or his policies may turn out to have ill effects.”