@LSE_London: ‘Co-operate not speculate’, London Co-operative Housing Group, blog about the report launch

The London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE: “Amidst a festive environment, the report ‘Co-operate not speculate’, by the Co-operative Housing Group, was presented on the 24th May at Coin Street Neighbourhood centre. It was festive because those people attending the presentation were celebrating the validity of coops as a housing alternative for Londoners. As it became clear from the start, either people attending the event were already living in coop housing or such was their aim.
There are over 300 housing coops in London. Nowadays, in the middle of rising rents and housing prices, they have become not only an affordable alternative but also an evidence of commitment and lifestyle. … .”

‘Co-operate not speculate’, -London Co-operative Housing Group