Urban Citizenship as a Policy

#UrbanCitizenship as a Policy. Henrik Lebuhn for @TheSocReview on the potential and current limitations for protecting the rights of migrants. A key reference is the successful #SanctuaryCity movement in North America. Via @EmmakJackson

The Sociological Review: “In recent years, “urban citizenship” has become a buzzword among immigrant rights activists and progressive policy makers in many European cities. As the Mayor of Palermo recently stated in an interview: ‘We welcome all migrants. If you ask me, how many refugees are living in Palermo, I won’t answer: 60.000 or 100.000. Instead I’ll say: None. If you come to Palermo, you are Palermitan.

Grassroots campaigns like ‘All of us are Bern’, ‘Solidarity City Berlin’ and ‘The whole World in Zurich’ as well as top down policies like the Council of Europe’s ‘Intercultural Cities Programme’ are – sometimes more, sometimes less explicitly – built around the idea of urban citizenship. A key reference for most of them is the successful Sanctuary City movement in North America. … .”